Kinesio Taping
Kinesio taping, an alternative intervention, is a rehabilitative technique that provides support and stability to muscles and joints without restrictions to joint range of motion.  Kinesio tape lifts the skin, creating convulsions, allowing blood flow and lymph fluid to flow easier in constricted areas.  Ultimately, taking pressure off of neuro receptors, increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation and subsequently decreasing pain.

The latex-free tape has the ability to relax or stimulate/facilitate muscles and re-educate the neuromuscular system by providing a proprioceptive response.  This benefit of the kinesio taping method is ideal for athletes and individuals in the fitness industry.

Conditions treated:
Acute pain
Acute sprains/strains/tears
Chronic pain
Injury prevention and maintenance program
IT band syndrome
Lower back pain
Overuse injuries
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Plantar Fascitis
Postural deficits
Shin splints
Sports related injuries

Conditions indicated:
Acute joint injury with inflammation
Incorrect movement patterns
Inhibition/relaxation of muscles
Pre- and/or post- sporting events/activity
Stimulation/Facilitation of muscles