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 Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.  How much do the services cost?  Contact via email or phone call for exact prices.

2.  Do you accept insurance?  Currently we only accept cash or major debit/credit cards.

3.  Do the instruments (IASTM) hurt?  The instruments themselves are not designed to promote pain. In tender areas of the body, there can be some discomfort, however not designed to hurt.  Additional side effects may be redness and slight bruising.  

4.  Do you have discounts for veterans, teachers or first responders? Yes!  You will receive 10% off the total treatment visit.  Please visit our social media page for additional discounts and promotions.

5.  Can I have multiple services in one visit? Yes.  Some conditions would benefit from more than one service to reach positive outcomes.

6.  How long is a treatment session/visit?  The initial evaluation/assessment will be a longer visit, approx: 45 minutes-1hour.  Majority of subsequent visits, depending on type of services utilized, will be approx: 30 minutes from start to finish.  

7.  What is included in the free consultation? This will be an initial evaluation/assessment to determine which service is appropriate for treatment.  Also, depending on appropriateness, a mini treatment session utilizing IASTM and/or Kinesio taping method to one joint area.

8.  Who can benefit from these services? Everyone!  From a teacher or factory worker who are on their feet for multiple hours a day, and suffer from pain in any joint to an athlete preparing for a sporting event, needing assistance prior to the event as well as recovery after the event.