Corrective Exercise

Therapeutic exercises, a traditional intervention, are a range of activities that help restore and build strength, endurance, flexibility and stability.  Strategies include, but not limited to, body weight, bands and foam rolling, which all can be done pre- or post activity.  Exercises can be included in a treatment session as well as given through a Home Exercise Program (HEP).  In order to reduce symptoms, improve functional mobility and prevent injuries, following though with a HEP and maintenance program is critical. Therapeutic exercises can also be utilized in conjunction with IASTM technique and Kinesio taping method to maximize their outcomes. 

Conditions treated:
Decreased joint range of motion
Improper muscle facilitation
Movement pattern deficits
Same as IASTM technique and Kinesio taping method

Conditions indicated:
Decreased endurance
Decreased strength
Used with Kinesio taping method
Used with IASTM technique